FAQ & House Rules

Info for Buyers

What will I get?

All products on our site are downloadable. For File Type, Size, Quality and other details please see Product Summary/Description of each product.

When can I download my purchased product?

You will be able to download the product immediately after the payment is confirmed and confirmation window with the download appears.

In addition, after the purchase, you will receive an email confirming your purchase with a button to download.

Also, if you had created an account during the checkout you can find all your downloads in your account.


PNGsharepoint.com is a multivendor website and we have implemented a number of measures in place to make sure each product is up to our high-quality standards, however, PNGsharepoint.com don’t take the responsibility of products sold by other vendors. Please read carefully the description of the product and see product preview images.

Is there any discounts?

There are discounts for:
Returning Costumers – 20%
Members – 80% or 70%
Subscribers – 10%
Please login to your account before complete your purchases.


Due to nature of the digital file these products are not refundable, however, if the product is not as described or not compliant with  Sellers Terms & Conditions, or is unusable for a technical reason, please contact sales team support@pngsharepoint.com and we will validate the issue on individual bases.  All product related queries must be submitted within 2 weeks of the purchase.


The buyer can use the product to create a different kind of visualisations, however selling/giving them away for free on other websites are forbidden unless the product is sold with Resale Rights.

Info for Vendors

When will I get Paid?

You will be paid after 7 days the purchase is completed via Strip Connect.

Please verify if your country is on the list.

Please note: Stripe Transaction Charges+small monthly charge will apply, see Connect pricing.

How much will I get paid?

Your profit depends on  membership you choose:

  • Silver Membership – 30% commission to the website;
  • Gold Membership – No Commission – You receive all your earnings!

Also, in order to pay you directly and securely we use Stripe Connect platform.
Please note: monthly Account Charges and Transaction Fees will apply:
In average €2 per active account per month + 0.25% of account volume and €0.10 per payout.
See Stripe Connect if your country is on the list and for exact fees.

Note: PNGsharepoint.com offers various discount options to customers and members, therefore please keep in mind that the price for your product will be automatically reduced depending on costumer.

What can be sold?

PNGsharepoint.com mainly focuses on digital elements what could be used for Architectural Visualizations.
IMAGE CUT-OUTS with transparent backgrounds currently are our main product line. They should be saved as PNG file type and of the subject which matches our preset categories. Please view the Main menu of the Shop page to see which exactly.
3D Revit FAMILIES and AutoCAD models are very welcome.
We also admire nice interesting PHOTOGRAPHS which has some attractive unusual features of nature. They may not be entirely suitable for architectural visualisations, but may be used for another type of presentations, therefore please do not hesitate to share, but keep in mind they are subject to review and approve by the site admin.

Do not

It is prohibited to upload non-related files.

Prohibited to upload: mature content, violence, pornography related, anything that promotes, support or glorifies hatred towards people or otherwise demeans people based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation). Otherwise, banished from the site immediately.


File Size: not more than 20MB (Please ZIP the file before uploading to avoid it to be watermarked).
Preview Images it is recommended not to be higher than 8MB. If the image exceeds 8MB, it is advisable to take image snips of different distances- full image and some close-ups so the customer can still see what the quality the product is.
IMAGE CUT-OUTS and PHOTOGRAPHS Resolution should be not less than 72dpi.

Price range

Price should not be higher than €5 for any type of download. Usually €4 max for Cut-Outs.

  • PNGsharepoint.com pricing is intended to be very affordable for site members, therefore up to 80% discounts and some free downloads are offered.
  • PNGsharepoint.com offers various discount options to customers and members, therefore please keep in mind that the price for your product will be automatically reduced depending on costumer.

Ownership Rights

The product has to be made entirely by you (Photographs taken, modifications to them, 3D models created)


Seller agrees to allow to use their product for marketing purposes of PNGsharerpoint.com. That includes images used to create advertising elements for social network and email marketing.

Where to Start?

Step 1

Choose and subscribe to your preferred Membership Plan and it will guide you how to set up your account to get paid in Stripe Connect platform.

Step 2

Start adding the products.


Any questions admin@pngsharepoint.com will be happy to assist you.

Happy s€lling !

Privacy Policy

We collect personally identifiable information what you are giving us via purchasing products, email subscription, applying for a membership or a survey for PNGsharepoint marketing & business analysis. No information is shared/sold with third parties, however, our website does use Cookies which may collect  IP addresses, location, information about your device, time spent on pages. Please visit Privacy Center to read more on Cooky Policy & Privacy Policy as well as Terms & Conditions and more.